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Yeah, we know it should be total CHAOS with freaking Zombies running around, but we need a little order so we keep everyone safe!

Runners: Age 5**
Zombies: Age 14
Volunteers: Age 14

**With parent or legal guardian participating in the run. Strollers ARE permitted on the course, so children under 5 may participate in the race provided they are safely secured in a stroller.

All verbal or written instruction by organizers must be strictly followed at all times.
Runners are encouraged to dress in costume. Costumes must be able to accommodate flags around the waist and a race bib pinned to the chest.
Runners must keep flags and race bib on at all times.
Certified therapy dogs are welcome. Otherwise, pets of any kind are NOT allowed on the course.
No weapons, play weapons, fire, or sharp objects are allowed (even if it’s part of your costume).
Any gear considered dangerous by the organizers will not be allowed (even if it’s part of your costume).
All participants must stay in the course boundaries as defined by the organizers.
No physical contact is permitted between participants.
Shoving, pushing or any aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave the course if observed or reported by participants, staff or volunteers.
If you are making other participants uncomfortable, not playing nice, fair, or in the spirit of the competition, organizers reserve the right to require you to leave at any point without further explanation (or refund).

Spectators may bring chairs.
Spectators may participate in the after party for FREE.
Food / beverages will be available for purchase.